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Business Email | Powerful, instant and customizable mailboxes

Business Email

Deliver five-star products and services to your clients. You’ll get powerful, instant and customizable mailboxes that everyone will love to work with.

Best of breed

You can count on the best features that a professional solution can offer. High level synchronization right from the start, team collaboration, custom and easy to use mailboxes.

New offer

Keep your clients. Stop sending your clients away. Broader audience. Bigger target. (increase your product range to achieve new markets).


Focus on your business and its growth. Designed to be used by the largest hosting oranizations in the world, Sooma Business Email is a Solution capable of growing as your company grows – from one domain with one user, to millions of users spread out through thousands of domains.

Sales support & Marketing tools

In order to quickly initiate Sooma’s deployment and product knowledge transfer, our sales team is available for consulting and training sessions. Learn the best practices to promote business email among your customers and obtain all the needed documentation to support operations.

We also provide a a fully rebrandable Business Email service. Alternatively, you can find more reasons why Sooma is the right choice for you.

To ask for a complete presentation of the product or make general inquiries about Sooma, contact us and our team will promptly call back.