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Consumer Email | Email service for Telcos, Service Providers, Portals and Media companies

Consumer Email

Sooma provides enhanced messaging services to Telcos, Service Providers, Portals and Media companies developing webmail platforms on an outsourcing basis.


Value-added products need their own identity – they need a brand. With Sooma that brand is yours and it is one of the most important elements influencing a product’s success or failure in today’s marketplace.

Give your users the confidence they need.

New Revenue Stream

Promote and monetize according to your needs. We can insert advertising placements well positioned with the email usage, maximizing existing revenue streams or enhancing communication and self product promotion.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is sustained within the service’s scalability of our service. Following a pay-per-use (PPU) model alongside with our 10 years of experience and know-how, we can provide a top service for a reduced price.

Brand Empowerment

A solution designed for you – your logo, your brand. Enhancing your brand loyalty and awareness is imperative, not only to differentiate from your competitors but also for your clients to have a memorable online experience that will make them keep coming back.

We also provide a a fully rebrandable Business Email service. Alternatively, you can find more reasons why Sooma is the right choice for you.

To ask for a complete presentation of the product or make general inquiries about Sooma, contact us and our team will promptly call back.