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Hoster Email Features

Hoster Email Features

With highly customizable webmail interfaces and robust anti-spam technology, our email solutions are second to none in cost, features and reliability.

High quality webmail

A fast, intuitive & friendly interface. A robust webmail interface that acts just like a desktop email client.

Antispam & antivirus
We take care of anti-spam and antivirus, even the ones original from your own clients, we apply as many measures as necessary to make sure you are safe from any threats.

Technical details for the Hoster Email

More features

Will benefit from a bunch of new features such as: missing attachment detection, drag & drop, detailed contacts information, multiple signatures, and other great functionalities.

Effective mail storage

One gigabyte of pure storage per account with possibility of upgrade for business account, supporting IMAP, POP and SMTP.

Spell check

Select the language you want to use and it will automatically detect any mistake you may have missed and suggest you a correction.

Embedded media preview

View all your media without leave the webmail page.

We also provide a a fully rebrandable Business Email service. Alternatively, you can find more reasons why Sooma is the right choice for you.

To ask for a complete presentation of the product or make general inquiries about Sooma, contact us and our team will promptly call back.