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Why Sooma is the right choice for you

Why Sooma is the right choice for you

Sooma relies on a passionate and visionary team to deliver best of its breed email services. Built on over a decade of experience delivering services over the Internet, we are masters of our craft. We are organized around a systems maintenance group and an user experience group. Both groups are tireless in the aim of a polished user experience in the final product.

The systems maintenance is responsible for keeping our hundreds of servers running, with main focus on performance and stability: guaranteeing stellar performance levels and preventing the inevitable hardware or software fault.

The user interface team builds the user experience our customers come to love and refer to as the favorite feature of our service. We keep adding new features and abilities to our software base, without ever increasing the complexity for daily tasks. As a matter of fact, the reverse has been the common case: our software gets easier to use the more it develops.

We also provide a a fully rebrandable Business Email service. Alternatively, you can find more reasons why Sooma is the right choice for you.

To ask for a complete presentation of the product or make general inquiries about Sooma, contact us and our team will promptly call back.