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Founded in 1999, as a email service provider reseller, Sooma quickly gained the know-how to compete alone in its marketplace. Originally geared towards the commercial front of free webmail providing, the excellence of Sooma’s technical teams naturally reoriented the company towards positioning as a software service provider for Telcos, Service Providers, Carriers, Media Portals, VARs and companies exploring email service offerings.

Since 2001, Sooma is a vertically integrated provider of email as a service, operating directly in the large account market (customers with over a million email addresses) and indirectly in the business email market.

We also provide a a fully rebrandable Business Email service. Alternatively, you can find more reasons why Sooma is the right choice for you.

To ask for a complete presentation of the product or make general inquiries about Sooma, contact us and our team will promptly call back.