Reliable SMTP Hosting solution that guarantees the best delivery rate

SMTP Hosting

Are you restricted by your current provider? Do you need a reliable outbound SMTP for your sending application?

NSooma provides SMTP hosting for high-volume sending applications, transactional SMTP, newsletters and email marketing.

NOur-easy-to use SMTP hosting solution integrates into your sending application.

Transactional and marketing emails

We offer two varieties of SMTP service to suit even your most demanding needs: transactional and marketing emails.

When you sign up for the service, you will be prompted to select one either of the two, based on the type of messages you’re sending. Get in touch with us to set up a split SMTP account for your needs.

SMTP in minutes

Our SMTP hosting plans are ideal for organizations that are in search of a cost effective solution to overcome SMTP restrictions in the ISP, email host or application server. To get started:

NPlug in our SMTP authentication settings into your application, or
NProvide your originating IP address(es).

WWe can also configure DKIM and SPF records in your Domain Name Servers. To start, you can use our return-path address for automatic DKIM signing.

Scale and save

Your cost per thousand goes down as your SMTP volume increases. If you send 750,000 or more per month, we can leverage our service and lock down monthly pricing. You can send unlimited emails for a fixed monthly charge by making use of one or more dedicated IP address(es) for your outbound messages.

Campaign manager

Our hosted Campaign Manager enables you to affordably manage your lists and campaigns via an intuitive web-based passed control panel. It is available as an add-on for €25 per month. It seamlessly integrates with your SMTP hosting account. Get in touch with us for more details.

Sooma’s SMTP hosting solution is strictly regulated in line with our zero tolerance anti-spam policy. We support permission-based sending. You need to adhere to CAN-SPAM guidelines. Kindly go through our Terms of Service agreement and ensure you understand and accept the terms before you sign up for an account.